Sunday, 10:00am St Mary's Church, Boston Spa

City Church


Call My Bluff

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We Were Blessed

Is wallygoggy a faint light, a precious gem or is it something shaped like a hook? Had you gone to St Peters church community ‘Call My Bluff event ‘you would now know? Once again Walton VCC came up with yet another different fundraising idea….telling fibs in church! The panel was very convincing and our compere for the evening Billy Kilby said that he felt sure we would be forgiven as it was for a worthy cause. In the interval delicious nibbles were served and the drinks flowed as the raffle was drawn and the winner of the champagne draw was announced. There was much laughter in the second half as Guy Kitchen ( AKA Sir Guy Gielgud) humorously and convincingly delivered his definition: but surely Margaret Grant wasn’t lying and Gay Childe had to be lying because there was no way she would hold the TRUE card up three times in a row. Wrong, she did!

Billy and David Spencer managed to keep the audience under control and as nobody requested a recount they obviously did a good job: there was only one point between the winning and losing team: our audience were clearly of high intelligence!

Thank you so much to all those people who continue to give practical and financial support to St Peter’s church. We are a small village, so it is heart-warming to witness the support of other churches and the wider community. We were blessed with a fun loving and generous audience. The event raised a magnificent sum of £820.