Sunday, 10:00am St Mary's Church, Boston Spa

City Church


Curry and Quiz Evening 2018

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Bhuna gosht is a romantic sounding term, the curry which many of us love, so much so it has overtaken roast beef as a favourite of ours. It also means happiness, enjoyment, contentment and well-being,; at least, when 66 people come together in Walton Village Hall to raise money for St.Peter’s Church.

Three curries, mangoes on kulfi and liberal libations were integrated into a ‘quiz,’ where minds were tested to the ultimate. We had a winner in the end, Table Four, The Blues, were head and shoulders above the others who were all fittingly named also in the colours of the rainbow. The Reverend Trish was very good in not helping her table when there were questions on religion, and Bill Kilby stepped forward quickly when Richard Newman – Quizmaster – ran out of voice as he attempted to talk over the prattle and prate of the assembled congregation whose voices were louder than the Tower of Babel. This was one of those, so typical, Walton happy evenings and as one looked around at the packed tables and the sweat gleaming off furrowed foreheads, one wished that wouldn’t it be nice if the whole world was to join in and smile….just once in a while.

Julia, Doreen, Gay, Fiona, Sue, Anne and Janet were, as ever, the planners, the workers , the cookers, the servers and the clearers’ up, amply aided and abetted by the men who stacked the chairs and tables so that the women could get home a little earlier. It is what life is all about to this writer.

Richard Newman