Sunday, 10:00am St Mary's Church, Boston Spa

City Church


Pet Service 2016

Pet Service

I don’t believe anybody quite knew what to expect when Rev Trish suggested a Harvest Service with a difference.  Correct me if I am wrong but in all the years I have lived here I don’t think that (apart from our Nativity donkey) animals have taken part in a service at St Peter’s. The dogs were straining on their leashes coming up the church path but amazingly once inside settled down quietly with their handlers. I borrowed a dog not having one of my own and what impressed me was how well behaved they were.  As part of the service Rev Trish did a walkabout blessing each dog by name and Phoebe’s gerbils too!

I for one would like to see this service repeated, maybe somebody will bring a calf, chicken or a donkey next year!