Sunday, 10:00am St Mary's Church, Boston Spa

City Church


Pet Service 2017

And now for something different! For those of you who did not attend this service you missed a real treat.

Reverend Trish officiated at our 2nd Pet Service which due to the increased number of pets (Donkey included) I feel is becoming a traditional annual event.  The animals were all very well behaved despite Reverend Trish giving them permission to join in with the hymn singing! Following the service the humans were given coffee and biscuits, the animals water and some well deserved treats.

The church looked wonderful for this service because of the contributions made by both residents and non- residents to the autumnal decorations for our ancient church. I truly admire those people with this gift given to them, for producing a masterpiece from two apples a bit of straw and twigs! A judge would be hard pressed to decide the best for they were all superb. I feel those attending the service would join me in thanking you all for the pleasure of looking upon your creations. Never devalue your creative talents. I for one, who loves gardening believe I am very fortunate in being surrounded by very creative, talented friends and neighbours, so give yourselves a pat on the back!


Eeyore the donkey was kindly loaned to us once again by Donkey Sanctuary in Leeds. This charitable organisation works with children who have special needs.